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Part 1 -

Understanding Your Horse * Basic Needs * Health *  Anatomy * Tack For Your Barrel Horse * A Word From Joyce

Part 2 -

Rider's Body Position * Athletic Stance * Exercises To

Improve Your Horse * Circle * Reverse Are * Spiraling * Change Of Directions * Causes of Knock Downs * Posting Diagonal Exercise

Part 3 - More Exercises And Visual Aids * Turnarounds * Reverse Arc * Sidepass * Back Up * Gather * Direction Changes * Students Riding
Part 4 -

Key Points In The Barrel Pattern * Pocket And Gather * Preparing To Show And Running The Pattern * Going Through The Pattern On Horse Back * Student's Runs * Correcting Mistakes * A Final Word From Joyce





Barrel Racing : Just the Basics      DVD                            SPECIAL


Barrel Racing : Just the Basics      204 page Book          SPECIAL $20.00
Barrel Racing : Combo Package  DVD + Book               SPECIAL $40.00





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What others are saying about the book and tapes:

From America's Barrel Racer magazine

Released earlier this year, World Champion Joyce Loomis-Kernek's four-video series, "Barrel Racing- Just the Basics", is a must-have set. Designed to present the basics of barrel racing to viewers, these videos go beyond the preliminary skills needed to get going in the arena and gives tips even the most veteran barrel racer can take to the pay window.

Kernek covers basic moves, horsemanship, body position and much more. She takes her career one step further with this instructional series.

From Diane Nelson - Kansas
The tapes and book helped me so much so see what I was doing wrong. Now that I see what is on them, I would highly recommend them. They have great information on them and are easy to understand. 

From Cheryl Magoteaux - Oklahoma
Thanks so much for the book. I am so proud of you and your accomplishment in combining your love for the lord and for barrel racing. Your biggest fan, Cheryl

From Donna Johnson - Montana
When I ordered your book, I didn't expect to have the spiritual perspective as well. As it turns out the  "God's end of the arena" sections turned out to be my favorite part! Keep up the great work!

From Kathie Bitzer - Texas
Thank you for writing such a beautiful written book! I couldn't put it down! Your words picked me up emotionally and motivated me at the same time! Iam not very good at expressing myself on paper., but the Lord sure guided your hand! I can't thank you enough!

From Donna McArthur - California and Texas
Thanks for the great book! Wow!

From Debby Talley - Colorado
I just want to say that your book was blessing to me. The horsemanship part and the scriptural part are my favorites. Thank you!

From Laurie Riggins - New Mexico
Received your book at 11:00 A.M. today. It's now noon and I'm on chapter 3. I could not put it down! Thanks for writing this wonderful book!

From Rosanne Turner - Oklahoma
Joyce, I have never heard mental mind set explained so clearly. I really enjoyed this book even though I haven't ridden in years. I want to get one for each of my grandchildren for Christmas!

From Kathie O'Brien - Oklahoma
Joyce Loomis-Kernek's book "Barrel Racing - Just The Basics can not only make you a better barrel racer, but a better person. She shares God's Word and how it can apply to your life. It is a wonderful blessing from the first page to the last.





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