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By Joyce Loomis-Kernek



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  1. Divisional Barrel Races

  2. Slowhorseriding

  3. Leaving the First Barrel

  4. Know When Your Horse is Ready to Speed Up

  5. Working the Pattern Consistently

  6. Riders: Are you in harmony with your horse?

  7. Fast Approaches and Happy Turns

  8. Tiedowns & Martingales as Aides

  9. Parent - Child - Coach Relationships Building the Successful

      Youth Through Competition

10. Marriage Relationships in the Horse Industry

11. The Value of the Versatile Quarter Horse

12. Preparing Emotionally and Spiritually for Competition

13. Selecting the Performance Horse

14. Training and Developing a Champion

15. Barrel Racing with Dena Kirkpatrick

16. The Profitable First Barrel

17. The First Barrel

18. Getting started in the Sport of Barrel Racing

19. Is God Telling Me To Quit?

20. Seasoning your horse at home

21. Collecting

22. How are Horses Trained?

23. Bracing and Defending

24. The R factor - "Reality"

25. Responding or Re-acting
26. The Importance of Knowing a Horse is Made
27. How A Horse Is Made Part 2
28. It's A Match

29. Striking A Match
30. Preferences, Passions and Principles
31. Changing of the Guard
32. Horses - a Big business
33. Horse Sales
34. Knowing Your Horse
35. Pressure

36. Understanding the Basics

37. Basics of Weight Balance: Rider
38. Basics of Weight Balance: Horse
39. Basics of Weight Balance Horse and Rider Together
40. Communication - A Two Way Street
41. Old Lady Syndrome
42. Horse Sense or Nonsense
43. Nonsense to Newsense
44. The Fear Factor
45. Fear Conditioning - Humans
46. To Clone or not to Clone?
47. Practicing or Training

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  Veteran barrel horse trainer Dena Kirkpatrick discusses her personal bit preferences in the August 2012 Barrel Horse News issue.

Bit Basics With

Dena Kirkpatrick

August 2012

Barrel Horse News

Please click picture to see PDF article
Understanding the Loomis Gag
Margaret Hawkins

A Life Based On A Strong Work Ethic And A Deep Love Of Horses

Mary Burger

Writing and

Re-Writing History


David Ernest


From Starting Colts to

the Winner's Circle







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