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  ITEM   Style/Color   Quantity   Price   Total  
  Gag bit rigged with wire headstall and rope (wire consistency of a hanger)   Smooth      $55.00    
    Twisted      $55.00    
  Gag bit rigged on nylon headstall    Brown Smooth     $68.00    
    Brown Twisted     $68.00    
    Black Smooth     $68.00    
    Black Twisted     $68.00    
  Gag bit with Slip Ear Leather Headstall   Smooth     $75.00    
    Twisted     $75.00    
  Gag bit with Browband Leather Headstall   Smooth     $80.00    
    Twisted     $80.00    
  Martingale - nylon   Brown     $47.50    
    Black     $47.50    
  Barrel Racing:  Just the Basics   DVD


  Barrel Racing : Just the Basics   204 page Book  


  Barrel Racing : Combo Package    DVD + Book



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U.S.        $7.50

Foreign $18.00


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Joyce Loomis-Kernek Horse Enterprises
16423 Cotton Gin Avenue
Wayne, Oklahoma 73095
Phone 405.550.7014

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 Foreign $2.50

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