Bobbie Jo (my daughter) has returned from the clinic in Colorado.  I asked her for all the details and she wrote a long e-mail which you will see below.  If you do not want to read a long e-mail I will shorten it.  So many of you have helped us pray for all these months and we are so grateful to you and want you to know how God revealed what the problem was and revealed the solution that has set her on a new course in life.   In short Cell phone radiation on the thyroid and medications got her into a spiral downward.


If you spend a lot of time on your cell-phone you may want to read the whole thing.


Please continue to pray that her thyroid can heal up to full capacity.


Thank you again for supporting us in prayer, calls, e-mails, texts and thoughts.  We are blessed to have praying friends.  


Love,  jk

Happy Easter


 Written by Bobbie Jo Wells

The Whole Story In A Nutshell....

The last part of July 20I0, I visited a local doc with a visible knot in my throat, some stiffness, and swelling, and a little pain....  All on the left side of my neck, other than this.... I felt perfectly fine. 


I was told at first that there were concerns for thyroid cancer (because of some initial testing)  then after a bit, they moved away from that theory.... And that it was most likely a herniated interior and exterior laryngeal.... (but since I wasn't in "opera"  or a "horn player"  that was quickly ruled out!  :)  Then I was told it was an infection of the saliva gland.... They treated me with 3 consecutive rounds of anti-biotics, back to back (for two months) and THIS is where things stepped off the deep end for me... The anti-biotics started making me feel like I was exhausted and weak, and sick, and took my immune system O-U-T! 


Then I got a yeast infection topically (on my skin) from the large amounts of antibiotics in my system.  I went back to the doc and announced that this was not working for me.  My face had began tingling and felt as though there was a fly landing on me all the time.  At this point, They did a cat scan and found a nodule on my thyroid which prompted a biopsy (benign) and then, an MRI was ordered.... Next,  they took one look and called me back in to announce that I had a very significant thickening (inflammation) to my vascular walls and the walls in my arteries in the left side of my neck (this in fact was what was causing the "fly affect" the swollen veins were pressing on the nerves in my face causing them to fire) along with the swollen saliva gland... 


They decided that at this point it was most likely lupus or Lymes disease (both negative) so, they moved into the auto-immune category and diagnosed me as such, seeing as I had all the signs/symptoms.  Meanwhile, I have been put on several different meds to try to "correct" whatever it was that was happening to me.  I was SICK, SORE, and starting to get frustrated!    My bloodwork is  slowly deteriorating, my red blood cell count has went crazy, my platelets are low, the inflammatory levels in my body are 4X higher that they should be, my heart is RACING, my blood pressure is no longer great like it always has been,  I'm sweating continuously, and my throat is closing up on me on a regular basis.  I'm beginning to panic. 


That is when my throat closed COMPLETELY one morning late March, and stopped me in my tracks (roughly 3 weeks ago) after a surgical procedure to "stretch my airway" and a look around with the scope, I was told they could find NOTHING in the throat that would be causing this type of event to occur.  They did, however, see that my stomach was full of blood and bacteria.... They placed me on yet another med (thank the LORD, at this moment, I finally have a doctor, friends and family, that listen to Gods voice) and was told I needed to get OUT of here, and go to a place that could begin a process of elimination and isolate what or where my issue was coming from, before anything has the opportunity to deteriorate further.


I arrived for treatment in Colorado on 7 different medications.  My thyroid was completely shut down and no longer even trying to function.  My resting heart rate was at stroke levels and my stomach was full of blood, my neck was swelling and  i was nauseated, exhausted and flat READY TO GIVE UP! 


NOW.... sliding ahead 3 weeks, I am off of ALL MEDICATION. currently, and my body is starting to re-boot.  It is quite an interesting experience.  I stopped most meds 48 hrs after arriving at Dr Emmersons, and have been off of my thyroid medication now since the 14th.... YAY!!!  At my Dr.'s appts, he began grilling me on EVERYTHING, asking me questions about EVERYTHING in my daily routine.... What was the original complaint, how did it progress to what we have now,.... Ect, ect.... On day 3, he started asking me questions about my cell phone, how much I used it, when I got my first smart phone- when I upgraded to the iPhone 4g.... Ect, Ect.... I was beginning to wonder why I was paying him BIG BUCKS to give "iPhone 4 reviews" MOST  INTERESTING!!! 


After many days of putting our conversations together, along with my records including cell bills (showing when i had purchased a smart phone - which was 4 months before symptoms began - how many hours i spent on phone daily, ect) and all image testing (MRI & CAT scans) to collaborate,  He told me he can almost  say FOR CERTAIN my original symptoms of pain in left side of neck and ear,  lump in throat (enlarged slaiva gland) swelling of vascular walls and arteries in my neck, and the "nerve sensations" running across my face (with NO OTHER MEDICALLY UNDERLYING ISSUES) were ALL CAUSED by my phone, radiation, and the radio waves it emits daily as I hold it?!?!?  Are you SURE I asked???  This sounded preposterous and a bit like sci-fy to me.... (plus that.... I didn't WANT  him to be right.... I LOVED MY PHONE!!!)  And besides that, I wanted him to explain away my deteriorated state of health marked by my bloodwork and stats & the fact that at the end, the symptoms had actually "switched sides" to the right side of my neck as well! 


Well, he asked.... Let's just go over this again.... What were your original symptoms??  That's when it hit me.... I was NOT physically sick when I went to the doctor the very first visit, I was simply concerned by the excessive swollen sensations in my left side (neck) and the lump..... And as I got "sicker" I spent MANY HOURS on the couch with even more phone use, taking care of business and all the calls I hadn't had time for prior to my "illness" and since my left side (where my phone ALWAYS SITS) was sore, I had swapped it over to the right side! 


He then proceeded to lay on the desk for me a stack of papers WELL over 12" thick.... They were all studies done on the affects of cellular phones, and the disruptions they cause to human bodies.  He explained it like this, "cellular devices are the largest scientific experiment man has imposed upon themselves since the beginning of time.  There is no 20, 30, 40 year study on the overall or lasting effects to look back on, as they have not been around long enough to support this kind of scrutiny.  (some statistics to ponder)  It took from 1984 to 2004 to sell the first billion cell phones, the second billion took 18 months, the third billion took 9 months, and the fourth billion took only 6 months.  We are spending more and more time with these devices, oblivious to the fact that they are causing very real changes to our body chemistry, and As i read only the very top portion of these studies... I began to get sick! 


HOWEVER!!!!!....... What was wiping me OUT, In fact was the NOT the "phone" it was the MEDICATIONS they had placed me on to "fix" the "phone problem" that could not be detected..... First the 2 MONTHS of strong anti-biotics (because they thought i had infection) wiped my immune system off the MAP, and started the chain reaction, then the thyroid pills (that they continued to increase the dosage on finally landing at .175 mg) shot my thyroid into overdrive and caused my body to fly into a whirlwind trying to regulate the meds.... Causing my already slightly increased inflammation levels (from the phone) to skyrocket thru the roof.  Which is where they began the mobic to combat the inflammation,  and the lansoprazole to combat the discomfort that the mobic caused, the helidac because of the bacteria and  blood in my stomach..... And hydrocodone and flexaril to relax and keep the pain from the inflammation at bay.... And all of that basically started by a series of initial mis-diagnosis!!! 


He told me that at the tremendous rate my thyroid was functioning at, combined with the strains of the additional medications (that were reacting against one another,) that I would have likely had a stroke, thyrodic storm, ect ect in the VERY near future had I not gotten it figured out. 


So, .... Armed with this theory, (that I SOO WANTED TO DISPROVE due to a DEEP LOVE of my phone....) we decided to perform a little "trial" of our own to see if this in fact could be what was  causing the original issues in my neck.... After 9 days of NO PHONE USE, my inflammation levels, and swelling in left Side of my neck decreased by 1/4, and the visible exterior swelling was GONE.   


Now I'm just feeling SICK!  How is this possible?!?  As I began to peel thru the stacks of case studies regarding excessive exposure to cellular devices, I was shocked, sickened, and plain ticked off!  Why do you not hear anything about this?  Why is there not even the slightest cautionary statement to be found from your cellular provider, or your phone manufacturer??  And WHY ON EARTH if there are so many products out there on the market to combat these effects, do you not hear about them and/or AT THE VERY LEAST are you not given informed options about protecting yourself and your family?!?  At this point, I am back home.... All of my levels are slowly starting to normalize.  My thyroid is the only thing he is concerned about gaining a full recovery.  It had been shut down for soo long and functioning on such a high level, that it will b a waiting game of the next 4  1/2 weeks to see if it will be capable of re-starting on its own.  I will have another round of testing done May 25th to see where we are regarding all issues. 


In the meantime, (interestingly enough)  I am on a strict vegan vegetarian diet and large supplement routine to aid and assist my body in healing and regrouping.  (which makes me a vegetarian from the BBQ Mafia Order :)  .......If they can make that significant of a health change in 12 days, they have definitely got my attention. 

Thank you for all you continued prayers and support, I am TRULY GRATEFUL to you all!

If you are interested in researching this information, or finding products to minimize cellular emissions, please feel free to contact me, I'd love to share them with you! 

Much Love,
Bobbie :)