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The Alarkin Lady - Runnerelse family

Little Runnerlark, Giftagrande and Cricket Magnolia are full brothers and sisters. They were all started on barrels at the Kernek ranch by Joyce and taken to derbies and futurities by Jeani Reiman.

Jeani & Littlerunnerlark


Janet Stover & Littlerunnerlark

















Dave Graf won the AQHA Sr. High Point Barrel Racing Horse in 2003 with the horse Giftagrande. 

He is now owned and is being shown by Dave Graf. Look for Dave and Giftagrande to be a tough team to outrun. Dave Graf - also qualified for 2004 World Show.  He and Gifta have earned over 100 barrel racing points in 2003.  Congratulations, Dave!! 







Here is his certificate

Dave Graf & Giftagrande

Dave Graf & Giftagrande

Dave Graf & Giftagrande











Cricket Magnolia won $8,244.87 in three futurities in 2002. She and Jeani finished the year by winning the Bold Heart Breeders Futurity. Cricket was shown in 2004 by Kim Thomas.

Joyce and Cricket Magnolia

Jeani & Cricket Magnolia

Kim Thomas and

Cricket Magnolia

Jeani & Cricket Magnolia receiving the trophy saddle

Karlees Komet won $4,077.80 in the fall futurities. He was purchased by Gerard Bernauer and has already been to the winner's circle with Kelly Bower in the saddle.

Joyce & Karlees Komet
Jeani & Mercy Magnolia

Mercy Magnolia won $1,988 in one fall futurity. She was shown by Kim Thomas in 2003. She is the fourth cross that I have ridden by Merry Monday and Runnerelse. They have all four been winners.


Tink N Run had won $24,000+ with riders Jeani Reiman, Sherry Lynn Johnson and Sierra Chapman. 


Samantha Flannery and Windchester Magnum

and Jeani Reiman and Tink N Run





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