Christian Websites

www.epicureansdelight.stocktonet.com Do you need a peaceful spiritual uplift?   Check out this wonderful website!

www.ChristianNewsToday.com for your Christian World News.

www.joycemeyer.org  This is my favorite Bible teacher.  If you need to change your life in any area, drop into this web site and order her tapes.  She tells it like it is and has lived where we lived.  God has changed her whole life through His Word. 

Do you need a miracle healing in your body or know somebody that does? www.bennyhinn.org

LIVE" Christian Video - 24/hrs a day www.tbn.org

Creation or evolution? One is a lie. www.creationevidence.org

Jehovah Jesus / satellite picture whatsaiththescripture.com

Bible Gateway - Online Bible bible.gospelcom.net

Christian Wallpaper and Screen Saver from John Bells Digital Art Gallery www.jrbell.com

Heralding the Good News of Bible Prophecy and the Soon Return of Jesus Christ. www.thekingiscoming.com

In Touch Ministries - Pastor Charles Stanley www.intouch.org

The Christian Missions Home Page and the home of The Great Commission Search Engine. www.sim.org

Welcome to the Family www.jvim.com

The Blue Letter Bible www.khouse.org

Jesus Film - In Many Different Languages www.jesusfilm.org













Archaeological evidence that proves to the world that the Bible is true.     www.baseinstitute.org


How to Become a Christian   www.lifeway.com



Do you want to talk to someone about how to be saved or have any questions?

CALL: 1-800-Need-Him or 1-800-633-3446. This is a free call.


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