Good bye! This week, I read a lot of history of our family leaving Texas and setting out for a journey to homestead land in the Mogollon mountains. When they told their friends in Texas they were leaving, friends came for days to say good bye. The children had to choose their favorite toy as they gave everything away that would not fit in the wagons. One comment was made in the writings that they were afraid they would never see their friends again and sure enough they didnít.





I thought about them as we left the mountains behind this morning and it came to me that Good Bye in those times was not the same as it is today! When I said good bye to my brother and his wife and his son and friend, it meant something completely different. Now days it means, I will text you as soon as we get in cell service and e-mail and call often. Besides that, Christians never have to say a final Good Bye!

In the words of Grandma Hattie's favorite song- God Be With You Til We Meet Again!