August 7, 2014

16 years ago today, George Kernek and I drove to Texas to be married by cowboy pastor Jasper Weaver.

We had both been single for a few years and had both said we would never marry again. Divorce can leave one with a preference to remain... single. In fact I said, God would have to come down to earth and tell me if I were ever to marry again.

We had dated a year and enjoyed going to church together, ball games and horse events. But when the subject of marriage came up, I began to seek God very seriously for direction. I had lots of fear and doubt. I had known a man named Charlie Tiffey that was considered a prophet. He had come to a cowboy church in Marietta years ago to minister to us. He knew God in a way that few people I had met did. I had not seen him for years and had lost track of him. In late July, Kathie and I were driving to Sulphur to pick up some saddles from Billy Cook and I shared with her my fears of getting married again. I told her I wish I could find Charlie Tiffey and pray with him. He had a gift and I needed confirmation, but was not even sure he was still living. I had not seen him for at least 5 years. He attended Victory church in Ada last I had heard.

We were coming up to the Paul's valley exit where there used to be a Loves station. I wanted a cup of coffee so we pulled off the interstate to that Loves station. Kathie doesn't like coffee so I headed to the coffee by myself.

Standing at the coffee area was Charlie Tiffey! It shocked me so bad that I started to cry. I asked him what he was doing there and he said God woke him up and told him to drive to Loves and stand by the coffee machines. He said I guess you are the one I was waiting for by the look on your face. He asked me where I lived now. He told me to go get the saddles and he would go to Purcell and meet with George. He spent the rest of the day with us and prayed with us and gave us a blessing! Few things in my life ever had the impact that those few hours spent with Charlie had! I knew that God had heard our prayers and sent the answer! (Jeremiah 33:3) I have never seen Charlie again, but everything he told us has come to pass. Thank you Jesus for 16 happy years.