I'll Rise Again


We have just completed three Championship shows in Oklahoma City – AQHA World show, Reining futurity and the BFA World Championship Barrel races are all in the history books and the State Fair Grounds of Oklahoma City are empty and silent once again. 

There is much excitement and anticipation for these competitions.  I have thought about it a lot in the last few weeks.   When the rider steps into the stirrup to go into the arena to compete for huge prize money and World titles the anticipation is high.  They have worked a long time to be ready.        

We should have that same excitement and anticipation about  a day that is coming when Jesus Christ will put his foot into the stirrup according to Revelation 19, mount a white horse and with armies of heaven following him will come to make everything right on the earth.  He is the bridegroom coming for His bride.   We also should be working toward that day, have high expectations and be ready. 

As we celebrate His birthday, may we give thought to a soon coming day when our Knight in amour of white- our Savior – our bridegroom will fetch his bride.  Let us not center on the baby in the manger, but a soon coming King that will come with fire in his eyes and a sword in His mouth.  He came as a baby to bring salvation to mankind.  He will come the next time to judge and make war.  Do not let the worldly trappings of Christmas lull you into a false security of peace.  There will be no true and lasting peace until the King of Kings and Lord of Lords comes back. 

It makes a big difference how we are living our lives.  I ask myself this Christmas season, am I living in such a way to win others to follow Jesus Christ?  Mk. 16:15 Am I steering a brother who has gone wrong back into the narrow road?  Gal. 6:1 Am I serving the poor and the down trodden?   Deut. 15:11 Am I living in anticipation of a soon coming King?  Mark 13:33 Even if He does not come in my lifetime, am I following His word – to proclaim His message?   Am I a living witness of His love and holiness?    

May we consider where we are in our walk with Jesus Christ this Christmas season.  George and I  wish you – not only a Merry Christmas, but a blessed season of anticipation that we are one day closer to Jesus Christ stepping into the stirrup, mounting the white horse and coming again!!   May we be ready!!

This painting is titled:   I’ll Rise Again   Marilyn Todd-Daniels is the painter – Revelation 19 11-14 is the passage that she researched and painted.    You can reach Marilyn at  www.woodsonginstitute.com   to see more of her paintings.                                

Love from Joyce and George Kernek