Bottom Line

I am writing a book on exercises to develop muscle structures to support the movements of a barrel horse.  These exercises are designed to supple a horse laterally and ready him to turn a round barrel with ease and speed.  I have been studying on the muscles of a horse.  I have found out that a horse's muscle has two ends and a belly.  The origin of the muscle is the fixed moveable attachment to the bone that serves as the anchor for the movement.  The insertion is the moveable end where the motion takes place.  The belly provides the contracting power, the action.  With very few exceptions, the greatest stress will be at, and the initial spasm will develop at the origin...the anchor. The bottom line is where the muscle attaches to the bone.

This anchor is determined by hereditary confirmation, proper feed and proper training and care of the horse from the beginning of his training to the competition arena.  The anchored muscle is the bottom line for the movement of the horse and for the longevity of his career.  We can make sure that babies are feed proper nutrition to develop muscle, ligament and bone.  We can start easy on young horses and increase training as they increase in age and stamina. But, we can never change bone structure.  What the horse is born with is what he has for life in the area of bone confirmation.    

Experts have divided human life into sections.  At the very bottom of each human is their belief system.  The next steps are: the thinking being, the living being and the worshipping being.  We have an anchor. It is our bottom line. It is our belief system.  Just as the movement of the horse depends much upon the muscle anchored to the bone, our belief system anchor will effect everything that we do.  It will determine how we think, how we live and what we worship. (what we give our attention and time to)  Our belief system has been shaped by parents, teachers, peers, preachers and where and how we have lived life in general. 

The similarities between the bone/muscle anchor of the horse and the belief/thinking system of a human end where it comes to being able to radically change.  We cannot change the bone that anchors the muscle, but we can radically change the belief system of a human. It does not matter how negatively your belief system has been shaped, it can be turned into a positive.  The first step is the acceptance of Jesus Christ into our spirit being.  Then and ONLY then we have the spirit of truth living inside of us to lead and guide us into all truth.  John 16:13 speaks of the Holy Spirit given to every believer in Jesus Christ.  We are instructed to renew our minds after salvation.  Romans 12 1-2   If we accept Christ and never renew our minds, we will have the same belief system we had before salvation.  To change the bottom line belief system we have to read Gods word, hang around with Bible believing Christians, talk to our Father in prayer, attend a Bible believing church and put what we learn into action. As the anchor begins to renew and change, the action and life of the human takes on new a new form. 

If you are without peace today, disturbed in your spirit, worried, anxious or out of sorts, you need to examine your beliefs about your situation. If you need healing, guidance, strength, comfort or joy, you need to tap into the source of all.  The bottom line is that you must know that what you believe lines up with the word of God and not lined up with your former belief shaped system. When your bottom line is in agreement with God, your thoughts are in line with Him, your life is in line with Him and you will give time to the things that bring honor and glory to God.   The quality of your earthly life depends upon it.  The location of your eternal life depends upon it.   
Bottom line + God = Top line living.  Now and forever!  


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