When the Stuck get Stucker

When a horse has a stiff and unyielded part, it can cause havoc in our barrel turns.  Most of the lessons that we do at the ranch involve correcting a part of the horse that is not yielding.  BUT, the other side of that coin is this:  If you have not correctly identified the problem area and you start softening and yielding the wrong part, soon the horse that was stuck is now stucker. Now he is not only stuck, but confused.  Also, if the horse is not corrected and taught to yield in the right way, he becomes scared and angry.   Now we have a horse that is confused, scared and angry.  There is one more thing, he must be corrected out of a training attitude and not an attitude of anger and abuse.  This will cause him to bunch up to protect himself.   So, the horse with the stuck part that was incorrectly identified, taught to yield in the wrong way and trained with anger and abuse has turned from stuck to scared, angry, confused and bunched up to protect himself.  He may feel hard sided and dead mouthed by now.  That is his only defense to ignorance.  He went from stuck to stucker to stuckest.   When we get a horse like this in training, it involves regaining his trust and applying the softening training in increments of time and patience, rewarding each step of obedience and gently correcting his wrong moves. 

Devotion # 25 dealt with rebuking, correcting, exhorting and reproving people. The other side of that coin is this:  We have to KNOW that God is showing us where this person is stuck and that He wants to use us to help them.  Then, we have to know what the Word of God says about the subject.  In other words, if we try to apply our own reasoning's and opinions, we are spitting in the wind.  This will confuse the person.  We have to know God's word because it is the Word of God that is true and accurate and will perform what He sends it to do.  Jeremiah 1:12  Secondly, if we do not teach and correct in the right way, the person can become scared or angry. Thirdly, our attitude is commanded in scripture to be one of gentleness, meekness, kindness, patience and teaching.  2 Timothy 4:2   We are also warned to be careful lest we fall into the same sin we see our brother or sister in.  2 Peter 3:17  and 1 Corinthians 10:12 

When a person has been exhorted, rebuked or corrected wrongly and by the wrong attitude, they become hardened and bunch up to protect themselves.  They become as difficult to reach as that horse that has gotten to the stage of stuckest.  The stuckest people I know are very protective of themselves.  I am not saying that it is always because someone tried to help in the wrong way, but it is something I see often.  A brother offended is harder to be won than a walled, fortified city.  Proverbs 18:19   But, they can be reached by someone who stands in the authority of the Word with kindness, patience and love.  Perhaps you are an angel on assignment to someone you know or work with who is in the stage named stuckest. 

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