The Eyes Have It


The eyes of a horse will tell us a lot about him.  If they are wide set on his forehead, this usually indicates free breathing power and strong muscles for chewing, because the frontal bones form a portion of the roof of the chambers through which air passes on its way to the lungs, and is attached to a powerful muscle which aids in closing the jaws.  This muscle is fixed in the depression that is just above the eyes.  Good width between the eyes is generally regarded as a sign of intelligence and of a good disposition and it may indicate a large capacity of brain. 


One of the reasons that the horse has a better disposition if he has eyes that sit out on the side of his head is because he can see a greater distance around himself.  God designed him so that when his head is down grazing, his vision range is all the way to the side and behind himself so he can see a predator that may be sneaking up on him.  The better he can see, the less afraid and spooky he will be and the less likely he will be to kick.  Train a few pig-eyed horses and you will experience what I am talking about.  They are much harder to train than a horse with a big soft eye that sits out on the side of his head.  When a horse can see around himself, he is much more confident and trainable. 


We on the other hand have eyes that are designed to look more ahead.  We do not have the side and back vision range of the horse.  To look backwards, we must turn our heads.  If God had intended for us to look behind, He would have put a set of eyes in the back of our heads. 


The point of this devotion is this:  What you set your eyes upon will greatly determine your disposition in life.  Where you look will affect everything from your attitude (mind) to your health (body).  The Bible gives us many instructions about our eyes.  You will find several accounts in the Bible where God instructed people to "lift up their eyes to see different things."   Psalm 121:1 tells us to lift up our eyes unto the hills where our help comes from. 


If our eyes are looking at the problem, we cannot see the problem solver.  If our eyes are looking at the circumstances around us, we cannot see the blessings.  If our eyes are looking at the storm, we will never see the rainbow.  If our eyes are looking at those who have hurt us, we will never see forgiveness.  If our eyes are looking at the failures of the past, we will not see the opportunities of the future.  If our eyes are looking back, we cannot walk forward without stumbling. 


Living with eyes looking on the problems and sorrows of this world will rob us of joy.  We will live in constant despair.  It will rob our energy.  We must learn to fix our eyes on Jesus Christ.  He is the only one who has eyes that see everything.  He sees the past, the present, and the forever future.  He alone knows all.  He alone sees the whole picture.  He alone can guide us through this life.  He wants to.  He is searching for someone to help.  The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong on the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him.  2 Chronicles 16:9


Raise your eyes this week and meet the gaze of the one who is looking for you.    Hebrews 12:2

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