Light Bulb Moment

Horse training can be both frustrating and exhilarating.  You ask a horse to do a maneuver and sometimes you have to ask him over and over and he just can't get it....then he finally gives you the response that you were looking for and you get all excited.  That horse had a light bulb moment.  Bang!  Just like that he understood..he got it...the light came on!  He has learned something new!

After Easter was over, there were two believers walking to the village of Emmaus.  They were talking about Jesus' death when suddenly, Jesus came and began walking beside them.  They did not recognize him.  He began asking them what they were talking about and walked and talked with them all the way to the end of their journey to Emmaus.  Read this passage in Luke 24:13.  They begged him to stay the night with them, as it was getting late.  So, he went home with them.  As they sat down to eat, he asked God's blessing on the food and then took a small loaf of bread and broke it and was passing it over to them when suddenly - their eyes were opened - they recognized him!  Bang!  Light bulb moment!

Perhaps there is something in your life that you don't understand.  If there isn't right now, trust me, there will be.  Something that you feel in the "dark" about and don't know what to do about or how to handle. 

The point of this devotion is that Jesus Christ walks with us just as he walked with the two fellows on the road to Emmaus.  Jesus Christ is the Truth. John 14:6  The truth walks beside us constantly, but sometimes we cannot see or recognize it.  We get confused and sometimes depressed because of a lack of direction in situations.  It begins to nag our minds and keeps us from being as productive as we should be.  Sometimes, it can even rob us of much needed sleep. 

There are some that do not see the truth because they choose to live in denial.  Some do not see the truth because they do not want to see it.  Some do not recognize it because they are looking in a completely different direction. 

I see this a lot in my barrel racing lessons.  A recent student thought that the problem she was having on the first barrel was caused by a stubborn horse who was not yielding to the bit.  He would shake his head badly in the turns.  But, when the video was studied and reality became clear, the horse was shaking his head because the rider was pulling so hard on the outside rein that it put the horse in a bind in the turn.  He had no other choice other than to shake his head.  It was the rider's fault - not the horse.  The horse was getting bitted back to correct the problem and that was creating a more serious problem because the more he was bitted back...the more tender his mouth became, and then when the rider miscued him, he shook the head even harder.      Wrong direction...wrong correction.   No truth....no solution.

If you need a light bulb moment in a situation you are in, call upon the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth.  John 14:17  He is the source of all truth.  John 15:26  He can teach you all things.  John 14:25   He will guide you into all truth.  John 16:13   We must be open to His leading after we ask.  We must find time to listen quietly for the answer.  Jesus does not want us to walk in confusion and darkness in our lives.  He wants to open our minds to truths that we seek - just ask Him.  He walks beside you.

Then our hearts will be strangely warm as we understand the truth and our lives will be changed.   Luke 24:32

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