I am writing this for two reasons.  First, I have had several requests to write some barrel racer devotionals.  People who have read my book are writing to tell me that their favorite part is Gods End Of The Arena, and they would like more readings similar to those.
Secondly, I have been going through some trials and tribulations and I found out a long time ago that the best way to fight the D's of depression, discouragement and disappointment is to find someone else to encourage.  So, I hope to encourage you today in your walk with Jesus Christ. 
The walk that we take with Jesus Christ begins when we ask Him into our hearts to live and take control of our lives.  It is a simple one, but I can remember sitting in many services listening to sermons crying out in my heart,  "What do the things you are saying have to do with me?"  How does that effect my life?"  I was not sure how to put the things that I was hearing into my life where the rubber meets the road - where I walk every day and deal with relationships, business, trials, training horses, etc.  Perhaps you have wondered how the truth of the life of Jesus Christ fits into your everyday life. 
This Easter week is a great time to think about the one most important thing in the whole bank of human knowledge - the grand event of the ages toward which all previous history moved, and in which all history finds its meaning - the Resurrection.  What does the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ mean to us?  How does something that happened over 2000 years ago effect my life today.  Religion is to know about the Resurrection - a relationship with Jesus Christ is to understand and apply the meaning of it into everyday life. 
The Cross has many meanings to us as Christians.  One of the important things that happened on the cross is that Jesus Christ suffered all the distresses, sins and diseases of mankind.  Have you ever thought, "How could Jesus know how I feel because He has never lived with my mate, rode my horse or had a rebellions child, etc. etc.?"  The truth is that on the Cross, he experienced everything that mankind had faced or will ever face.  In short, what he did not experience in his life, he experienced upon the cross.  Then he experienced death.
After his death, he went into the depths of hell and conquered Satan and took back the keys to life for us.  He overcame and conquered everything that we will ever face.  Then, he was resurrected and left that tomb and was seen my many people walking on the earth again.  One group of over 500 people saw him and that was recorded for us so that we might know that the resurrection was a true fact of history. 
Think of anything that is going on in your life today and KNOW that Jesus already experienced it and conquered it.  That person (Jesus) that was resurrected by the POWER of God lives in your heart to help you become more than a conqueror.  Yes, if your horse is not working, the stock market is down, your marriage is bad or you are sick or lonely, etc....Jesus has experienced that.  Think about how wonderful it is to know that He is our friend and wants to carry all our trials and burdens upon Himself.  Read Matthew 11 29-30 out loud.  He wants to be in our every day lives and take our burdens and give us rest for our souls. 
If you are in need of something from Jesus Christ this season of new beginnings - call out to Him.  He is the friend that sticks closer to us than a brother.  Proverbs 18-24
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If you are not aware of Christian websites that are available, go to my website www.loomis-kernek.com . Turn the volume up on your computer and listen to one of the greatest songs ever written.  May you realize how much you are bathed in the Grace of God.
I have prayed for all of you who will receive this.  But the most special thing I think of when listening to that song is that Jesus Christ himself is praying for us.  Romans 8:34
Happy Resurrection Day 

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